Welcome to Stansted Primary School

Stansted is a small primary school sited in an idyllic rural location in North Kent. We are a family orientated school, with a caring Christian ethos. Our long-established values and personalized approach to learning ensure that our children achieve well.

Our Mission Statement outlines our principles to engage and empower pupils so they can make a positive contribution to the world. We expect all pupils to make regular and consistent progress with their learning: academic, social, spiritual, physical, creative and emotional. Our curriculum is delivered creatively, yet there is also a strong emphasis to develop both core skills and the personal resourcefulness that we believe all pupils will need to continue with life-long learning. Through planning and assessment we engage all year groups fully and set high standards for pupils. Parental involvement is essential to this process and therefore regular contact with parents is promoted in our school. In July 2010 we had some great results – Key Stage 1 achieved an average of 80% level 2 and above in reading, writing and maths and Key Stage 2 achieved 92% in English and 72% in maths. Well done everyone!
Caring Community
We are a family orientated school where caring and respect for others are highly valued, both in the school and the wider community. Our pupils thrive in our small community, integrate quickly, and continue to gain from the benefits of a secure and stable learning environment.

Stansted has a strong school community and all of its members have a commitment to their role in supporting the school’s development. This team includes teachers, teaching assistants, the school administrator, mid-day meal supervisors, cooks, parents and Governors.

Christian Values
Our school prayer, motto and logo strongly reflect and drive our Christian values in daily life. Our motto ”Learners today, Leaders tomorrow” emphasizes the belief that we aim for all children to find joy in the process of learning, to celebrate their own skills and talents and those of others, and be confident to use those skills in their futures. Finally our logo, the Stansted man embracing the world (left), supports our aim to engage and empower our pupils to make a positive contribution to God’s world.
I hope you enjoy browsing our website and please do contact us if you need any more information about Stansted School. Mrs Lyn Matthews MA  NPQH
Vocational Training Partnerships
We have links with a number of vocational training providers who award training opportunities to pupils from our school each year who have displayed outstanding ability in subjects closely related to the kind of training the companies provide. We have one of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical companies who provide five internships at the end of each academic year to graduates who have performed well in A-level biology. We have Discovery, a fitness courses provider, who runs a scholarship scheme that awards one free personal trainer course each year to a student of ours who we put forward for their contribution to school sports or excellent performance in physical education. And we have a local chartered accountancy firm that provides an apprenticeship to any sixteen year-old school leaver who has displayed great skill with mathematics.


Dear Parents, Staff,  Governors and Children

It seems no matter how much we feel we are prepared, the last term is always the busiest. Your patience is welcomed here.

We are very pleased to hear the positive response for Sports Day this year and we wish to say ‘well done’ to Kestrels!

We have experienced a very good year where we move form strength to strength. The vast majority of children across the school have made good or better progress. We know that they work hard during most lessons. Our curriculum is providing them with some very rich and rewarding learning experiences. Our Sats results are very pleasing with over 80% for all subjects in KS1 & 80% achieving Level 4 in literacy at KS2. We have also a child who achieved L6 in Maths and Reading!

In our final term we will have been able to take all classes out on educational trip further afield. We are all very proud of our first link St Judes Primary school in Southwark, who enjoyed a great day with us which followed an exciting day for Stansted to join them.

The schools successful development is attributed to the hard work of all my staff for which I thank them. They, like myself, are committed to their own professional development and motivated by the challenge that teaching brings. We have in view of that rearranged our class structure:
Robin: Miss Kingston and Mrs Newstead
Woodpecker: Miss Welstead, Miss Osborne, Mrs Hearn and Mrs Mills
Chaffinch: Mrs Tervet, Mrs Cook and Miss Stronghill
Sparrow: Miss Welch and Mrs Parke
Mrs Hutchinson will continue to work part time for class support.

We wish to thank, in no particular order:
Mr Embleton for completing the ‘Iron Man race’ our congratulations go to him and, with your support, raised £25:53 for cancer relief
FOSS who continue to contribute to school life and provide those extras for all the pupils
• Our volunteer readers Mr Hyett, Mrs Stapleton and Miss Sheldon
• Parents who run after school clubs, Mr Aldridge and Mr White, Zoe and Nina
• All our Governors for their guidance towards the strategic development of the school
And finally, to yourselves and your children for making Stansted such a wonderful school.

On our return we shall see a different school as the mezzanine floor will be completed. This will be a new chapter in the development of Stansted school.

Finally, I would like to say well done to all the children because it is their energy and engagement in the joy of learning that has been so evident this year, well done all of you.  Our best wishes go to Year 6 and we wish them all success for secondary school.  On behalf of all the staff and I, we wish you all a very good, happy summer break and enjoy that valuable family time together. We return to school on Monday 5th September.